Centralized Control Room

When managing multiple facilities, or a very busy one, it’s hard to keep everything tracked. That’s why a control room is crucial.

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When managing multiple facilities, or a very busy one, it might be hard to keep everything tracked. That is why a control room is crucial in order not to lose data, nor revenue and consolidate them into actionable reports: data visualization at its best.

How does a centralized control room work?

A centralized control room allows you to monitor multiple remote car parks, connected either to the client server or to a third party server, belonging to a strategic partner. It is possible to connect automated car parks via multi-site, ‘citywide’ or ‘countrywide’ networks to a centralized control room monitored by a small number of parking operation specialists, thus reducing staff costs. An advanced management software is the digital tool that enables all of this.

Why choosing a centralized control room?

It is the easiest and safest solution to control and monitor multiple facilities, both remotely and locally. All systems, within all sites, are tracked with less effort and lower costs. Operational data allow for a more timely database consolidation, and can be also extracted in real time to provide an up-to-date overview. This allows you to optimize work processes, and provide fast and first quality customer support.

A centralized control room also ensures the correct operation of your facility, thanks to the analysis of global statistics directly extracted by the management system. Timely data from the car park include information on occupancy, peak loads, financial status, revenue, etc. which can be collated to provide unparalleled completeness of view.

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