Mobile Payment Solutions

Pay the parking fare with your phone, or a mobile application, instead of inserting cash into a parking meter or pay and display machine.

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Mobile payment offers any driver the possibility to pay the parking fee with a credit card or a mobile network operator via the use of a mobile phone, mobile application or computer, instead of inserting cash into a parking meter or physically show up at an automatic pay and display machine.

Thanks to the multitude of mobile payment options, pay-by-phone parking is already used by millions of people all around the world.


How does mobile payment work?

Mobile payment solutions in parking can be used in multiple ways.

It can be done through apps, such as HUB’s JPass. It allows to pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit a designated parking facility via smartphone. 

Alternatively, drivers can book their parking spot and pay for it on the facility own website, or proprietary mobile app.

For parking operators, it is easy to validate and manage those payments using solutions such as JMS - Janus Management Solution, that allows the integration with third party services.


Why choosing mobile payment solutions?

Mobile Payment Solutions carry many benefits both for parking operators and drivers.

Firstly, it is a stress free solution: once registered, drivers can activate their parking transaction with only one tap, by using their credit card on file within the app.

Mobile Payment Solutions grant fast and efficient implementation with pre-existing solutions adopted by the parking facility. On the plus side, they also lower operational costs.

In addition to that, mobile payment solutions increase convenience. Since customers are able to pay directly at the exit of the facility with the tap of a smartphone, it is ideal for locations where turnaround is high, and lines can build quickly.

Some Mobile Payment Solutions, also allow easy integrations and customization: shops can display special discounts and vouchers on the app that is used for payment, that can effectively become an additional sales tool. Parking operators have a similar opportunity and can use apps to expand their reach, and increase the base of customers through loyalty programs.

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