Janus Management System

The advantages of the first tile-based User Interface for Parking

  • JMS is intuitive

    • Easy to learn. JMS offers a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with virtually zero learning curve.
    • Easy to use wherever you are. Use the JMS Mobile App solution to control your business at any time and any place.
    • Streamline your operations. JMS simplifies your system management and business processes.
    • Cost-effective. JMS boosts operational performance and improves process efficiencies, optimizing your resources.
  • JMS is flexible

    • Scalable. Its cutting-edge architecture makes it highly configurable and adaptable, to meet specific business requirements and expansions.
    • Adaptable. Multi-user, multi-carpark and multi-equipment, for easy and effective management.
    • Powerful analysis tool. JMS provides flexible reports, wide process control and real-time business performance visibility.
    • Strategic. JMS integrates a professional Business Intelligence dashboard for structured data mining. Complex and rich statistical analyses allow you to make data-driven business decisions.
    • Quick. JMS provides rapid access to data and assistance to improve customer satisfaction.
  • JMS is reliable

    • Error-proof. Designed with a fault resistant architecture.
    • Robust. JMS allows strong user access controls and quick and easy setup of permissions levels.
    • Secure. Encrypted protocols ensure data security.
    • Fully on Cloud. JMS drives down IT costs and lowers your risk when you implement our Cloud option. We manage server backup, maintenance, and regular updates to offer you a stress-free reliable service.


Intuitive, user friendly, and convenient

    • Web-Based application

      For the first time, you’ll be able to easily manage and control all your HUB equipment and systems with one simple and versatile software solution. With JMS, you can centrally manage all your business processes from any web-based console.

    • Mobile App

      Choose the JMS Mobile App for the best possible user experience with smartphones and tablets: a control room at your fingertips!

    • Web Services Integration

      JMS easily and seamlessly integrates some key functionalities with your data: online discounts, web booking, mobile payment and more.


    • Fully on Cloud

      Take advantage of our cloud solution: optimize your infrastructure, get the full benefits of back up and redundancy, and reduce your costs!


Intuitive, user friendly, and convenient

  • Cross Platform

    JMS runs on several Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android.

  • SaaS Available

    The JMS software architecture offers a reliable multi-tenancy structure, to grant safe and secure availability as well as the ownership of the data.

  • Multilanguage

    Ideal solution for Multilingual environments. The Database fully supports Unicode and R2L languages.

  • Expandable

    JMS adapts perfectly both to small and major installations: its structure can be scaled both horizontally (adding more servers) and vertically (adding more server power). This is also valid for cloud-based parking systems.

  • Reliable

    The system is designed with an open yet robust architecture and supports redundancy, thus ensuring high reliability.

  • Designed for Parking Operators

    JMS is the best fitting solution for central control rooms with heavy load of data, managing complex multi parking environments.


JMS Janus Management System is an intuitive and user-friendly software solution which allows you to manage multiple parking locations from a single source. It is highly scalable and perfectly adaptable to any type and size of installation, from the smallest to the most complex projects with high traffic levels. JMS can support you in many ways, pre-book parking included.


JMS is a highly reliable Management System that integrates the application logic and the communication protocol of our previous management systems, thus merging their expertise. This ensures that, regardless of the original HUB equipment, multiple sites can be smoothly run from a single source. 


JMS is the first tile-based management system in the parking industry: you gain direct access to all the functionalities from the dashboard. Actions are color-coded and clustered by area of function, making the dashboard extremely intuitive and user friendly.

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