The world is migrating to cloud computing. How about parking?

HUB’s multi-tenant cloud solution grants that your system is always up to date and exceeds the expected performances. You will be able to operate car park/s via a central, safe, and reliable server connection with minimum TCO and incredible ease.

Level up your parking operations with JMS in cloud

From lane barriers, to pay stations and more, JMS cloud-based software solution tracks everything at once, making parking staff better informed and better placed to respond to unusual or emergency situations, while giving them the chance to enhance operational efficiency.

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

You shall no longer need to equip a dedicated server for your parking site/s, and maintain it on-premises.

A fee-based service eliminates the uncertainty of any downtime due to failures or accidents, and simplifies all system accessories to a single item - no hardware, no maintenance and no running costs for software maintenance, servers, and accessories.

Also, costs are lower for JMS as a cloud-based application. Instead of paying a higher license fee upfront, you will need to allocate lower monthly costs that include maintenance and support and upgrades.

Remote software updates cause zero disruption

On-premises stations are connected directly to cloud through secure internet sessions. Processing of all transactions (payments, credential validations, subscriptions) are done in the cloud.

Regular maintenance of the entire system is necessary for both the physical and the digital layer: one is done on-premises, while the latter is done remotely – ensuring zero disruption during the software update.

This also ensures that our cloud solution does not add excessive latency to the transactions, that would impact your parking customers’ experience.

Accessible from anywhere, at anytime

Cloud JMS users will be able to start using the application in minutes: they will just need to access the JMS web interface through any web browser of choice, even without a dedicated VPN.

Operations-wise, the ease of deployment is truly impressive: automation and digital control minimize the risk of human-derived errors during IT maintenance and software updates.

Scalability and redundancy from a single source are truly a few clicks away!

JBL business logic remains on-premises

Some components of systems must physically remain on site: entry/exit stations, barriers, pay stations, and digital signage.

The brains of the parking system is securely bolted within the stainless-steel cabinet of the station. This grants that the site works flawlessly, even if there is an internet outage for a prolonged period of time: your customers will be able to get in and out of the car park, without discomfort. Contract parkers included!

Straightforward and flexible management services

You will not need to physically install the software or purchase the hardware themselves, HUB will take care of everything, freeing up staff and reducing costs. Your company will never have to worry about upgrades or network monitoring, because HUB will handle it all.

The Cloud offers great flexibility to customers who expect change and do not want to be stuck paying for services they don't need. If something is no longer needed, it can be removed from the subscription.

24/7 availability and security

We partner with industry-leading cloud services providers such as AWS that maintain an uptime of 99.9%. Their high reliability guarantees protection against malicious attacks, while running automatic daily back-ups. When you no longer have to worry about firewalls, nor wasting your time in maintaining the system, you can fully focus on your core business.

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JMS in cloud FAQ's

    Everyone working and transiting through the car park: parking owner has lower TCO, parking operator relies on a facilitated approach to parking operations, and drivers enjoy a smooth parking experience, even during an internet outage.
    Each car park is considered a separate tenant, and it is managed from a JMS central access point that provides real-time data on all available parking spaces.

    It sure is. You will not need to train your staff again, to manage JMS. Users’ access and rights are set up the same way as with JMS on-premises.

    Not at all: software updates are much faster than on-premises updates.

    HUB systems do not fall under the scope of PCI because they do not store any credit card data. Strictly observing the EMV chain of custody, all EMV devices bolted into Jupiter stations are safely stored and installed, eliminating the risk of any third party malicious modification. Digitally-wise, our systems rely on industry-leading providers such as AWS, that guarantee the utmost uptime and cyber security.


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