At HUB, we work closely with Parking Operators and fully understand your necessities.

We will put our extensive industry knowledge at your service and facilitate your business by providing a full range of solutions catered to the specific need of each car park.  

Our solutions are designed to improve a facility’s management and elevate the services it offers.

We can help you simplify your management and turn your property into an efficient structure that offers the best customer experience to your visitors. 

With our range of touchless and cashless solutions, you can provide your customers with a seamless parking experience, saving time, money, and energy and gas consumption. 

Solutions for Parking operators

What can we offer to Parking Operators?

Our technology is fully customizable and can be integrated into any structure, from older spaces to more modern ones.   

We can help you manage high-frequency facilities or multiple locations with a few clicks from an easy-to-learn and accessible app. We will provide you with insights into your customer’s habits, desires, and needs so that you will be able to use those data to improve further your customer experience. You will be able to plan, optimize staffing and manage real-time occupancy and demand, making smarter decisions that will benefit your business. 

We might also handle service requests and assistance for you, and provide you with a seamless integration to third-party suppliers.  

From pain painless

  • Are you looking to upgrade your hardware equipment?

    Jupiter is designed to adapt to complex systems incorporating license plate recognition, contract parking, credit card in/out parking, online pre-paid parking, or a combination of these, and to support ticketless parking. It is also ready to accommodate any number of future developments combined with the flexibility of JMS management software

  • Decrease in revenue and lack of control over the facility operations?

    JMS simplifies your system management and business processes, and with the mobile App, you can control your business at any time and any place. Thanks to its functionalities, it boosts operational performance and improves process efficiencies, optimizing your resources. 

  • Difficulty in understanding your customer’s needs, and how to improve your business?

    JMS provides you with flexible reports, wide process control, and real-time business performance visibility. It integrates a professional dashboard for structured data mining, exporting complex and rich statistical analyses that allow you to make data-driven business decisions. 

  • Looking to reduce contact and interaction, and smoothen your customer’s parking experience?

    JPass app is the go-to solution for drivers who are not quite ready to interact with pay stations. It grants them the option to search, filter, book and pay for a parking reservation or subscription before they even leave their home, providing a completely contactless parking experience. 

  • Do you wish to increase customer loyalty and implement your digital services?

    You can reward your customers’ purchases easily and quickly with the J4M Merchant app: you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful web validation unit, and simplify operations. Your device will scan any Ticket ID number, barcodes, and digital tickets and the desired parking fee discount will be applied in real-time.

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